Only two more days till the primary — PLEASE HELP Kioni!!!


                The morning radio ads promising to cut commute time are working.  Almost everyone is waving back, many with real enthusiasm.  We’re getting lots of honks.  We could win this outright in the primary.  You have supported my efforts for years.  This is the big one.  Please do what you can in these last two days.

1.       Would you send this message out to people on your mailing list.  It doesn’t matter if they live in our district (Ewa Beach to Makaha).  They might forward it to people who do.

2.       We need help sign-waving for arriving voters at ten polling places on Saturday.  Can you give us a few hours between 7a.m. and 6 p.m.?

Mahalo nui.

                                                                Kioni   672-8888    cell 469-5713

Suggested message to send out, signed by you:



             You know that I am concerned about corruption in government.  I am concerned about how our families suffer because of ever growing time in commute traffic.  I’m concerned about loss of farmland, damage to the environment, limits to fresh water, and the paving over of the island.

            I have watched Dr. Kioni Dudley for years, and cheered him on as he has taken on one fight after another for the people.   I’ve seen him turn his Neighborhood Board from one controlled by developers, to one controlled by the residents of the area.  I’ve watched him battle to save farmland at the Land Use Commission and the City Council – years of work for us, at his own expense, without any compensation.  He’s honest, courageous, unswerving, and likeable.

            Now he is running for City Council, and I am asking you to vote for him.

            More information can be found at and Facebook  Kioni-Dudley-for-Honolulu-City-Council.  You can also read his flyer below.

            Please vote.  And please vote for Dr. Kioni Dudley.

                                                                                                            Your Name


         Dr. Kioni Dudley for  City Council

         District 1: Ewa Beach to Makaha

Our number one problem is Traffic

It hurts family life, personal health, and performance at work.  It creates thousands

of unsupervised latchkey kids.  It also costs each commuter $7,300 a year, and is a

hidden cause of homelessness.

We don’t have to live this way.

Kioni Dudley aims to greatly reduce your commute time, not double it.

Planned east-bound lanes could clear up current stall if, for only a few years, we

could stop building the 70,000 houses now zoned in Leeward and Central O’ahu. There

is plenty of construction work town-side.

Four Neighborhood Boards support Dudley’s plan.  It puts our people first.


Let’s take back our lives!




Find out more at

Paid for by Friends for Dudley 92-1365 Hauone 96707


Getting to know Dr. Kioni Dudley —

Widely known as the voice of the people, and fighter for the little guy and the ‘aina.   Big on

saving farmland, fresh water, and island beauty.

citylogoElected to Makakilo-Kapolei-Honokai Hale Neighborhood Board for the last

eighteen years

Professor – Chaminade  UH Manoa  Leeward CC

High School teacher – Campbell  Nanakuli  Aiea

Founder and president of Save O’ahu Farmlands

Named “Hero of Agriculture, Food, and the Environment” by Hawaii Agriculture Conference named him one of “10 Who Made a

Difference in the State of Hawaii in 2009”

Your vote is important.  Let’s make a difference!

        072 (3)

         Kioni and Doris San Miguel-Dudley  

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