Note to the League of Women Voters

Dr. Kioni Dudley’s first day on the Honolulu City Council will be like the rising of the morning sun.  There will be that first burst of sharp light, and then slowly all will begin to brighten as the members warm and begin to share the joy and beauty of the new day for Honolulu.   All the Council members are basically good.  All really want to do what is right for the people.  Kioni, with his smiling, easy, but unswerving way, will lead them back to doing so.  Most have been good about looking after the needs of their districts.  It’s the big votes that have put developers, unions, banks, and landowners first, while so horrendously hurting the people, that need to be corrected.

Kioni knows his role well.  For eighteen years on the Makakilo-Kapolei-Honokai Hale Neighborhood Board, he has honed his skills.  The Board now proudly stands up for the people and the ‘aina.

If you’ve been wasting your life in commuter traffic, Dudley will have you singing Hallelujah!  H-1 congestion is often the worst in the nation.  The current City Council plans to double travel time and pressure, and your unhappiness.  But we stand at a pivotal time in history.  If we stop building housing in Leeward and Central for just a few years, until we get the planned new lanes on the freeway, we can cut commuter time in half.  Why not do that?  Why not take our lives back?  Vote Dr. Kioni Dudley onto the City Council.

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