What’s your action plan to tackle affordable housing and homelessness?

There are two areas of homeless concern: current homeless and future homeless individuals and families.  I will support the governor and mayor in their efforts with current homeless.  I think anything constructed for homeless should be temporary.  I favor construction in low lying areas like Sand Island because rising seas will assure that it remains temporary. 

I want to focus on taking back our lives and preventing future homelessness. For instance, The Texas Transportation Institute at Texas A&M University states that 60 minutes of delay in traffic costs an individual $3,649.80 yearly.  It costs businesses $19,275. People in District 1 spend more than two hours in traffic today; Waianae people spend more than three hours—on good days.  If we could get that $7,000-$10,000 caused by delay back into their pockets, rather than doubling it with greater gridlock on our freeways, how many families could we save from homelessness?  Adding just one additional hour in traffic stall each way, will cost businesses a total of $77,000.00 a year, enough to bankrupt many.

If we are going to really fight homelessness, we have to look at these very real causes and do something to change. 

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