What are the top 3-5 priorities/issues for your district?

My efforts in the City Council will center around “taking back our lives” and “taking back our government.”  My research, which I sent to the editorial board last year, shows that our current council member received 72% of her campaign contributions from the construction community, and another $90,000+ in advertising from the PRP super-PAC. It was impossible for her to vote for anything but more construction, no matter how it hurt her constituents.    

 Traffic: In taking back our lives, my first concern will be traffic.  We are at a pivotal time in history when the terrible traffic on H-1 and H-2 could be cleared up in a few years, and we could have our lives back again instead of sitting for hours each way in traffic.  Our ‘Ewa Development Plan, which is the law, can be the tool.  It has Adequate Facilities Requirements that promise us adequate freeway capacity for commuters to the primary urban center before the first house is occupied, and which require that that no housing development approvals be issued until this can be certified.  Adequate freeway capacity during rush hour is accepted as Level of Service D  nationwide.   I will insist, hopefully with the new mayor in support, that DPP stop issuing all permits for development of housing, hotels, and timeshares in the Leeward and Central areas until we get our freeways up to Level of Service D during rush hours.  The new zipper lane and a new additional east bound lane on the H-1 which will be built in the next few years will do much to raise the level to D, and possibly complete the job.   Rail will certainly solve the problem.  After Level of Service D is certified, construction can begin again, as long as LOS D is maintained.   If we pass up this moment in history, our people will be condemned to decades of ever greater delays on the freeway.    I wrote this up as a Resolution and got it passed by the Makakilo-Kapolei-Honokai Hale Neighborhood Board.  I also got the Wai’anae, Mililani, and Pearl City Neighborhood Boards, and the Nanakuli NB Traffic and Housing Committees to support the resolution.  We will be holding a press conference on it in early July.   We have had one Town Hall meeting on it and expect to do more.  Traffic will be my main issue for my campaign.  

 Rail:  I once vehemently opposed rail.  I worked for Ben Cayetano’s campaign because of that.  I now realize that it is impossible to create more than one more traffic lane and one more zipper lane on the Eastbound freeway.  Together, they might carry 12,000 cars.  However, we have 71,000 more homes already zoned in Leeward and Central, with one of the two workers from each expected to work in the city.  We will need a Rail that people will ride, and I am convinced that they won’t ride it unless it gets into the city itself.  It doesn’t have to be Rail.  It could be elevated busses or Maglev or something else.  I oppose the rail destroying the view planes in the city, and I oppose it going on to Ala Moana since the last five stations will be under water in forty years.  I would like to see it end at A’ala Park or someplace similar.  The Ho’opili station should not be built.

 Farmland:  When people go to purchase plants at Home Depot, they find that some are in the shade and some in the sun.  This is because they won’t grow in the other situation.   Ho’opili is the last piece of full-sun farmland on our island.  When it is gone, we will have nowhere that many of our basic foods will flourish, nowhere that many of them will grow at all.  Many experts say that the Ho’opili farmland itself is the best in the state, many say it is the best in the world.   It comprises 32% of the O’ahu farmland currently providing food for local market.  I will do what I can to preserve it.

 Water:  We are nearing the limit of our potable water on this island. The next step is to desalinate water.  My district will be the ones drinking it.  I will do what I can to assure that we don’t have to move to desalinization.

 Crowded Schools, Preparing for Rising Seas, and Hawaiian Issues are the other things I see as top priorities for District One.

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