How does Dr. Dudley differ from other candidates?

Kioni Dudley for Honolulu City Council


He stands up for you!
For 12 years, you have watched him stand up for the people again and again as a member of the Kapolei Neighborhood Board.
In 2004, he formed the Friends of Makakilo,
now at 600+ members fighting for you and your quality of life.
In 2009, he won a major battle to save the ‘Ewa farmland
from development, for your future, for your food security.
In 2010, he formed the Save O’ahu Farmlands Alliance –
forty pro-farm, pro-environment, and Hawaiian organizations, and fifty farmers and activist citizens -- to save prime farmland
Who else is fighting to prevent freeway gridlock?
Who else is fighting to get the rail to serve ‘Ewa and ‘Ewa Beach?
Last year, the Star-Bulletin named him
"One of 10 Who Made A Difference in Hawai’i in 2009"
The Hawaii Agriculture Convention 2010 named him a
"Hero of Agriculture, Food, and the Environment"

Dr. Dudley has the guts. He also has the vision.

He’s been there for you. On the City Council, he can do so much more!